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Meet the Founder of Resuvize


Monica Young is an experienced recruiting and talent sourcing professional with expertise in screening, interviewing, and hiring candidates at all job levels within various industries. She holds a bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and has over six years of industry experience spanning from high volume agency staffing to corporate, mid-large sized Massachusetts-based organizations.


Most recently, Monica sourced and recruited talent within the consumer packaged goods industry, where she specialized in all corporate functions including Finance, Tech, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Legal, and R&D. 

Her success with hiring top talent across various domains coupled with forming and maintaining strong relationships with job seekers and hiring managers makes her the perfect partner you need to help you land the job you deserve.

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The traditional hiring process is broken. You don't have control over who ultimately gets hired, but you do have control over your resume - the first step to getting hired.

Owner & Founder

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